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Mentorship Programs

We offer a custom approach to mentoring.  We help you set goals, give you specific assignments, and feedback.  If you need one hour of help or a month of help we are here!  The mentorship program is focused on start up, marketing, and client focus.  However, if you also need help with any bodywork we of course can accomidate.  

Our Services


-You choose your mentor

-4 in person or zoom meetings

-Unlimited text, email or phone calls


Weekly Meeting: We will meet once a week either in person or on zoom and you will be given "homework" to complete each week to meet your specific goals Schedule your first meeting here then the rest can be agreed upon by both parties involved.


-You choose your mentor

-1, one hour session

This can be in person, via zoom, or over the phone/video chat.  Your mentor and you will decided what is the most important goal to set and discuss for your time together.

Meet our Mentors

Our mentors are here to help you!

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