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Online - Self Paced Training

We offer online / self paced training with various topics!

CE Hours : 6 

This is a self paced, on line class. You can start and stop the course as needed while we navigate business and ethics for your practice and for you.  Some key topics we will cover will be; business practices; professional ethics and boundaries; intake, interview and documentation; marketing both digital and in person.  Upon completion of this course, you will have a better understanding of how to set up and market your practice, as well as maintaining professional boundaries through client interview and clear communication.  You will receive 6 continuing education hours either in the State of Texas or nationally through NCBTMB.  There is a short exit exam at the end prior to receiving your certificate of completion.

Teaching Adult Learners - 30 hr MTI Course

Start the Adventure of Teaching

Self paced / Online
This course is the requirement of Texas Department of Regulations and Licensing (T.D.L.R.) to apply for your Massage Therapy Instructor License ( This course will not only meet the states’ requirements but provide an amazing base for you as you start the adventure to become a massage therapy educator.

The adult learner is very complex but highly rewarding. During our time together you will be given insights to the 4 learning styles of adults and how to utilize them to the advantage while creating a healthy learning environment. We will also navigate the process from beginning to end with lesson planning/development, either for a basic program course or a continuing education class. There will be so many enrichment activities and discussions that will allow you to finish this course with the skill set needed to be a successful massage instructor!

This is an online, self paced class which means each “day” will be sectioned in different parts as we have recorded a live zoom class.  Then for your last “day”we will need to see your created class that should be close to 1 hour.  We can either meet in person or via zoom.  Your certificate of completion will be given after your presentation.  
Supplies to Bring: Pen/Pencil for notes, paper for notes (more supplies will be announced prior to date needed)

Resource Text (not required): Teaching Massage: Foundation Principles in Adult Education for Massage Program Instructors by Anne Williams and Associated Bodywork Massage Professionals
ISBN-13: 9780781783422

ISBN-10: 0781783429

Basic Science and Business Practices For Bodywork Professionals

Instructor: Amy Scottino, LMT, MTI, CEP

Instructor: Christina Hughes, LMT, MTI, CEP

Course: 100 CE hours

Description: This is an organized, online, self-paced approach to allow you the necessary additional education required to elevate your knowledge and help you grow. Each section or module will help you better understand the human body, and the business/ethics of this field. In this 100-hour, self-paced course each section will have a syllabus with objectives, page numbers to corresponding text, digital handouts, digital reviews, and recordings of your instructors to help you understand the content better.

Our price for these 100 hours is $550, and we will be available for live help if requested by the student.We offer individual zoom help for a fee 

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More classes are being recorded .... Stay tuned 

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